Broke Bike Mounters in the St. Johns Parade

by Steve, May 14th, 2008
Prize winning float, St. Johns Parade

As somebody who commuted six miles daily on a one-speed cruiser Frankenstein for several years (before I gave it away, I had changed every part, including the frame, except for the front wheel), I can much better handle the kind of clown who welds together some funky cool bikes than some other kinds of clowns I saw last weekend.

Plus it turns out we’ve got a zero degrees of separation going with some of these folks, so a big shout out to the creators and occupant of simply the best “float” in the St. Johns Parade, bar none.



I wish I had some better pictures of the bikes. Post links if you got ’em!

So there you have it… not all clowns are evil, people.