About the Blogger Formerly Known as Himself

by Steve, January 27th, 2007

mePosition: Defense
Shoots: Left
Height: 5’10”
Born: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Age: Senior league
Home: Portland, Ore.

Player Notes: Needs work on point shot, first pass, wristers, snappers, skating…. Other than that, not bad.

red starThis site is about me and my guiding philosophy on life: More Hockey, Less War. Oh, okay, it’s not that simple. But it makes a good bumper sticker. This may well be he only anti-war hockey blog… in the universe. Peace, social justice, and hockey. Passionate pursuits for passionate people. Feel free to comment.

Everything you’ve learned in school as ‘obvious’ becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe. For example, there are no solids in the universe. There’s not even the suggestion of a solid. There are no absolue continuums. There are no surfaces. There are no straight lines.

R. Buckminster Fuller said that.

Someday, things will be very different.

I said that.

Always remember: Show up, skate hard, and play to win. And don’t be distracted by the guys in the fancy suits with the Pennzoil in their hair.

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14 Responses to “About the Blogger Formerly Known as Himself”

  1. Comment from Esmerelda:

    WOW! your blog is awesome. i thought my husband and i were the only hockey-loving pacificists on this Earth…all props to you from us here in Detroit.

  2. Comment from Himself:

    Go Wings!

  3. Comment from sam:

    i am doing a project on hockey and i need to know who said woman were allowed to play hockey? because as a girl i am very happy and would like to notice that person.

    thank you,


  4. Comment from Himself:

    sam, not sure if you’re serious, but girls and women play hockey all over the US, Canada and Europe. There’s a woman on my beer league team, and a quite a few others in the league. Olympic Women’s hockey is the pinnacle. I don’t even bother watching the men in the Olympics.

  5. Comment from MikeS29:

    You might be interested to know, my bumper sticker is “Hockey Players Against Bush.”

    I’m a beer-league hockey player, lived in Pittsburgh as a kid, and am now a season ticket holder for the Everett Silvertips of the WHL. And I might make you a small wager that Scooter Vrooman comes to Everett to do the play by play!

  6. Comment from Himself:

    Whoa… Scooter in Everett?!? I’ll bet you a dry-hopped IPA you’re wrong!

  7. Comment from MikeS29:

    Wasn’t it Scooter who started the whole “diving goggles” thing? That might be weird, if he was offered and accepted this job, but now with Constantine gone, he might find Everett more palatable…

    If you are thinking of visiting for the pre-season tourney, let me know, I will treat you to a PBR or some bad coffee ;-)

    Drop me an email if you are coming to town!

  8. Comment from PYP Maven:

    Hi Steve,

    Glad you enjoyed our final concert last year and hope we will see you in the audience this year. Mei-Ann Chen was an amazing presence on the podium…

    AND the music this season will be incredible too.

    November 10 — La Mer – Debussy, more Rachmaninoff – Symphony Dances, and Saariahao – Asteriod…

  9. Comment from megs:

    How about the HOO DOO Bash?

  10. Comment from Mr. T:

    I’m moving from Pittsburgh to Portland (area) in November. Where are some good hockey bars? Go Pens!

  11. Comment from Steve:

    Hockey bars in Portland? Ha ha ha!

    Oh wait, you’re serious. Sorry to disappoint you, but we hockey fans get no respect in Portland.

    It’s a sad, sad, state of affairs. But there are three junior teams in town (see my links page), or you can always stay home with NHL Center Ice.

    Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Portland. Portland is pretty in the same way Pittsburgh is. Provincial Portlanders go bat-shit crazy whey you make comparisons like that, but it’s got a similar look, what with the bridges and the hills.

  12. Comment from Mr. T:

    Thanks for the welcome, Steve. This is a fantastic site. I’m ordering my dad (and myself) a shirt for X-mas. Maybe I’ll order one for Rick Santorum too.

    That sucks about the lack of hockey bars, maybe I’ll open one in a few years.

    Believe me, I’m all about Center Ice. Even better is that I can now watch my #2 and #3 favorite teams (SJ and LA) in the proper time zone. So all is well.

    Lastly, I feel that I must switch my dub allegiance from the Vancouver and Tri-City to the Winter Hawks. After I get settled, a hockey is one of my first orders of business.

  13. Comment from jrdink:

    I stumbled on your site tonite…I LOVE IT! So will my hockey playing, politically aware daughter (blog address attached). We gotta get some t’s. Shouts from So. Oregon. Thanks.

  14. Comment from A.P. Gwiazdowska:


    A.P. Gwiazdowska has an official MORE HOCKEY LESS WAR bumper sticker. Request: check out How Women’s Hockey Saved the World* (and defeated Donald Trump, but not necessarily in that order)[or how a teen hockey player stopped Trump from becoming president].

    Finally, could you change the name of your blog to MORE HOCKEY LESS TRUMP ?

    Durham, N.C.
    Former U.S.A., now annexed by Russia
    P.S. a.p.g. is a resistance fighter against the Russian controlled government. Shhhh. Oh, crud. There’s a knock at the door . . .

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