Walking the talk at the St. Johns Parade

by Steve, May 10th, 2008

The first installment of photos from the St. Johns parade: candidates walking their talk (or not).

Fritz Walked
Fritz walked.

Fish walked
Fish walked.

Bissonnette walked
Bissonnette walked.

Branam walked, too (sorry, no picture). But what about Chris “Streetcar” Smith, the guy who wants to cut our carbon footprint in half by replicating the Pearl district on the east side?

Chris Smith rode
Smith got a ride.

Say what?!?

Is that a Prius, Chris?

I don’t think so!

Chris Smith's ride
But it’s okay, he’s sharing the road with bikes. You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Mayor Potter
The Mayor rode, but he hitched a ride with the convertible club. Plus, he’s a real dignitary.

Sam Adams
The Mayor-in-Waiting, rode, too. It was good to see him looking so comfortable mixing it up with the regular folk. “Hi neighbor! Hi neighbor!” he called, trying really hard to smile. Or at least not grimace.

Next installment: Clowns for Christ. I’m not kidding. What a great day for a parade!