What kind of “change” does the Mercury want?

by Steve, May 12th, 2008

In a piece titled The Status Quo Can Suck It!, the Mercury, darling of Portland’s pop-rock fans, endorses consummate City Hall insider Sam Adams for Mayor. They also endorse Erik Sten’s City Hall chief of staff and anointed successor Jim Middaugh.

This is change? With that ticket, I’m surprised they endorsed Jeff Bissonnette for council seat #1, which should go to Chris Smith if you want the kind of “change” the Mercury seems to want (i.e. no change at all).

Adams is the new Vera Katz, so that does represent change from Mayor Potter’s generally cautious and inclusive style back to the city rubber stamping the plans of condo developers like Homer Williams, full-time and unfettered. Middaugh, as the new Erik Sen, represents no change at all.

So does the Merc want all Homer, all the time in City Hall? What status quo are they bucking here? Somebody help me out here, cuz I’m not seeing it.