Love conquers all: in memoriam 9/11/2010

by Steve, September 11th, 2010

The truth cannot be hidden, and it is a fact that the world is ruled by an increasingly concentrated elite who have no regard for the future of humanity. On this ninth anniversary of a horrific act of murder, launched by criminally deluded believers, we should assert, to ourselves and our neighbors, that war is also a criminal, immoral enterprise, and acknowledge that the decade of war and destruction we have wrought on the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan is on a scale almost unimaginable to most Americans.

Humankind teeters on the brink, with an old guard, counter-progressive elite clinging to power — through warfare and global economic oppression — even as they endanger the very survival of humankind on planet Earth.

As R. Buckminster Fuller said, we must turn from making “killingry” to making “livingry.” The alternative to this planetary shift of consciousness will surely be many thousands more slaughtered. Or extinction.

As a memorial to the millions of innocents extinguished in the wars of modern times, let’s make the shift.

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