13 Ways Bush’s Goose is Cooked

by Steve, March 7th, 2007

It’s not a great time to be a Bush fan in America, as evidenced by near rock-bottom approval ratings (even before the Libby verdict was read). As the wheels start to fall off of the Bush administration, I thought it would be appropriate to take stock of the state of things. So here are just a few things that aren’t going so hot for our Chimp in Chief.

  1. Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former #1 confidant and adviser, is a convicted liar and obstructer of justice. Libby was one of the highest ranking and most influential members of the Bush administration, and his trial and conviction have exposed criminal corruption all the way to the top of the Bush administration. There can be no doubt, from testimony given and evidence presented, that Scooter Libby lied to take the fall for Dick Cheney and Karl Rove (and ultimately Bush). Juan Cole has an excellent illustrated history of the Cheney/Rove/Libby/Wilson affair.
  2. If congress convenes hearings about the Valerie Wilson affair, the malfeasance of all major administration figures could be cast in a most unflattering light.
  3. The White House response to the Libby verdict of continued stonewalling has brought criticism from the most unlikely of places: Scott McLellan. The man most famous for his non-answers to the Washington press corps now says this: “I would be advising the White House to get out there and find some way to talk about this in enough detail to answer some of questions that . . . are still hanging out there.”
  4. Oversight. The firing of federal prosecutors for questionable reasons (to put it in the best possible light) is just the beginning of what real congressional oversight will bring to light. That’s government working, folks.
  5. The mistreatment of wounded soldiers at DOD and VA hospitals has shown the flagrant disregard the Bush administration has for our troops. It also further exposes the lack of planning that went into the war in Iraq. All administration predictions had it ending long ago. Remember, we were going to be greeted as liberators! Flowers and candy bars! USA! USA! Somehow Bush didn’t plan on there being a little something called civil war erupting between ethnic factions once the strong man was gone. (Somehow the neocons neglected to read any history of the region before trying to remake it to their liking.)
  6. Iraq is going from bad to worse. More attacks every day in a growing civil war, and Bush remains in denial, committed to sending still more troops to fight and die in what most Americans now view as an unwinnable war.
  7. Which brings us to polls. The USA Today/Gallup Poll published Monday shows a solid majority of nearly two-thirds disapprove of Bush’s handling of his job as president.
  8. 59% of Americans believe going into Iraq was a mistake.
  9. Only 28% of Americans have any confidence the US will “win” in Iraq.
  10. Fully 84% of Americans think we need to withdraw from Iraq.
  11. One in five Americans think we should withdraw immediately.
  12. The members of our armed services have been used, abused and stretched to the breaking point. Members of the National Guard and Reserve, citizen soldiers who signed up for a weekend a month and a few weeks a year have had their lives upended with repeated and extended tours of duty in war zones. With so many communities touched in some way by this extended morass, it’s not surprising that…
  13. …only 13% of Americans think we should send more troops to Iraq.

If so many lives weren’t at stake, it might be enjoyable to see the chickens coming home to roost for the Bush administration. But the shameful truth is that they tipped off a series of events that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives. Millions of people will continue to be affected by the long-term devastation that the Bush doctrine has wrought.

This damage will take many years to repair. But perhaps things have bottomed out. It’s difficult to imagine things getting much worse under Bush, so maybe — just maybe — we are beginning to see signs of the pendulum swinging back in the other direction. We can only hope.

9 Responses to “13 Ways Bush’s Goose is Cooked”

  1. Comment from Suze:


    That juror in the Libby trial asked the right
    question: where’s Karl?



  2. Comment from Dick Butkus:

    Those who still support Bush are invited to present rational reasons for supporting Bush and not calling for his removable.

    I just don’t understand how Bush stays in office.

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  4. Comment from Slacking Overachiever:

    It is getting really hard to understand how Clinton managed to get impeached and Bush got re-elected.

  5. Comment from tokyo ex-pat:

    Good list. Unfortunately, there are still some hard core supporters who will not budge. I don’t get it. This administration has done tremendous damage to our country and its citizens. We deserve better.

  6. Comment from Nancy Liedel:

    Never trust anyone by the name of, “Scooter.” I’m pretty sure it’s a law in at least three states.

  7. Comment from Wacky Mommy:

    “Chimp in Chief” — heh heh heh. Private note to the FBI: Hi, boys! Have a superfine day and remember — Wacky Mommy loves you.

  8. Comment from Starla:

    I agree Nancy. I had a dog named Scooter and she was just pure evil (needless to say I don’t own her anymore).

    And Slacking Overachiever, I’m still trying to figure that out too.

    Great TT!

  9. Comment from Stephanie:

    LOVED this post!! The scary part is that 1/3 of the people in this country actually think Bush is doing a GOOD job!

    God that frightens me!