My Quickest Thursday Thirteen Yet

by Steve, March 28th, 2007

Wacky Mommy said I take too damn long writing these things, and I need to learn to just dash shit off. So here ya go, Internet, Thirteen Random Thoughts From a left-wing hockey nut in the Pacific Northwest.

  1. There is much intrigue in Hawkey Town, as Portland Winter Hawks owner Jim Goldsmith has taken over hockey operations. The big questions now, buzzing around both the Oregon Live Winter Hawks forum, e-mail lists and blogs, is this: What does the future hold for long-time G.M Ken Hodge, head coach Mike Williamson, and the rest of the hockey staff? No matter how you cut it, this has got to sting for Hodge, a broadly respected figure in major junior hockey.
  2. There is even more intrigue in Washington D.C., as George W. Bush careens into his first real collision with the newly Democratic congress. Will he negotiate with the Democrats, or will he remain on a collision course?
  3. There is intrigue in the Portland Public Schools (what else is new?) as rumors begin to circulate about another round of school closings, and Neighborhood Schools Alliance founder Ruth Adkins challenges incumbent Doug Morgan for his school board seat. I’m proud to support Ruth, who has long advocated for a community voice in important school decisions, and for a reasonable school size policy.
  4. Oh man, that’s just three, and I’m definitely not dashing! Okay, here goes, quick like a bunny!
  5. Spring is in the air. Man, I love spring because I love sumer even more.
  6. I joined a hockey league. So far we’re 2 and 0.
  7. Everything’s better when you put on a sweater.
  8. Coffee tastes good.
  9. Especially a good double shot of espresso, straight up, baby!
  10. It’s spring break, and I’m taking a day and a half of to hang out with the family. Nice. Wish it were more.
  11. Wacky Mommy has turned into a serious hockey chick. I can’t get into details here, but let’s just say I’m shocked at the times she brings up hockey.
  12. Damn, I’m already 3 minutes over my self-imposed deadline… quick here’s number 13:
  13. I’m not so good at dashing shit off. And I probably cuss too much.

Okay, only five minutes over. Good. Night.