What brings you here?

by Steve, February 4th, 2007

Here’s a recent sample of search terms that bring people to my humble blog. I should note that for quite some time, MoreHockeyLesswar.org has been in the top 10 Google results for Cholle recipe. I get quite a few hits from India. I hope they like my recipe! A precursor to this blog, WackyMonkey.org , was the number one result for “weird monkey sex” for a really long time.

I’ve got to say, it always amazes me some of the things people will type into a search engine. I mean, Jesus H. Christ, what kind of meat head types “is it true that black people do not play hockey because of weak knees” into Google, and what the hell do they expect the computer to say back?

“I’m sorry Dave. You’re a fucking idiot, so I won’t be able to answer your questions today.” That’s what I’d say if I were their computer.

Anyway, what brings you here? Here’s my personal invitation for you to de-lurk and say hello. For your amusement, here are some searches over the last few days (and yes, people, I know I’m perpetuating this nonsense by reprinting these terms and further seeding the Google index):

  • history of helmet use in u s. professional hockey?
  • everett silvertips tickets wanted ads
  • squatting laws in mexico guadalajara
  • locker fights.com
  • rough boys hockey fights
  • you know ogie oglethorpe
  • is it true that black people do not play hockey because of weak knees
  • guy pulls worm out
  • increasing junior a hockey game attendance
  • www.morehockeylesswar.org
  • pie hockey
  • bong hits jesus song
  • viktor sjodin movie
  • marijuana penalties guadalajara mexico
  • hockey is dying
  • silvertips mascot portland
  • i want to drive a zamboni
  • ogie oglethorpe jersey
  • feminist quotes
  • cat fights.com
  • how to make cholle
  • children hockey accidents
  • i want to drive the zamboni
  • cholle cook
  • more hockey less war
  • silvertips
  • dropping leaflets methods
  • funny hockey expressions
  • the rules the woman is always right
  • bring back emotion in hockey
  • network54 hockey forum
  • easy garbonzo bean recipe
  • more is less
  • cum shot
  • disney on ice half price
  • swift hockey socks

2 Responses to “What brings you here?”

  1. Comment from Mary Z.:

    Okay, so I came across your website and your wife’s because I was searching for insight into Portland life. . . I was thinking about moving to Portland to teach. . . should I?

  2. Comment from Himself:

    Well, Mary, I suggest you read What the Fuck is Wrong With Portland Schools, if you’re serious. Education funding is on the slide in Oregon due to a prevalent libertarian attitude about taxation. Revenue is constantly being eroded, and there is no political will in the capital to acknowledge the problem, much less fix it. Portland schools are a mess, and they seem to be getting worse, not better, under the questionable leadership of superintendent Vicki Phillips.

    Most Portland teachers I know are stressed out from huge classes, school closures, and threats of layoffs. On their last contract, they gave five days for free to keep the schedule from being cut.

    It is not a good time to be a teacher (or parent — or child) in Oregon.