The Shop is Back!

by Steve, February 12th, 2007

More Hockey Less War Stickermhlw-olive-240×240.jpg

I finally got off my booty and got the merchandise sorted out and put back online. I’ve reorganized it so that each design has its own Cafe Press shop, and you can choose from many styles for any given design.

I’ve been checking out the quality of stuff, and I’ve pulled one of my designs that printed poorly. If you buy anything, and it doesn’t look like you expect from the photos, be sure to return it for a refund. Cafe Press has a full satisfaction guarantee. If nothing gets returned, I will never know if a design isn’t working, or if there’s any problem with the process.

Proceeds help pay for bandwidth to keep this site (and others) online. Thanks for your support!


by Steve, February 12th, 2007

Greetings fellow peace lovin’ hockey fans! Here’s the place you can support the cause and take the message to the streets. All designs available on a variety of long- and short-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, hats, women’s and men’s, children, etc. from Click on any of the pictures below to see the full selection of colors and styles for each design.

Buy with confidence; all merchandise comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

The first t-shirt design (and still my favorite).

A tribute to the WWI Canadian 148th Overseas Batallion.

Left Coast Hockey, celebrating hockey in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Cities of the WHL Western Conference over a red star on the back.

Why can’t we settle our differences at the rink instead? WWI soldier dreaming of the rink.

To my surprise, one of my most popular designs — now available in dark colors.

More Hockey Less War bumper sticker
Stickers and magnets