I’ve been tagged

by Steve, April 12th, 2006

hockey entryWhat the fuck is a meme tag? Well, I’m not that into this blog thing, at least not enough to know. My lovely wife, Wacky Mommy, got “tagged” by Amalah, which means she’s supposed to list 6 weird things about herself, which she did. Then she went and tagged me. So, herewith, my weirdness in all its glory:

1. I am missing the tip of the pinkie on my right hand.
2. I am a pacifist. And I love hockey! (But you already knew that.)
3. I freak out in large crowds and small spaces (especially places of commerce).
4. I lived in Portland for over ten years before visiting Seattle.
5. I like L.A. better than New York.
6. The Winter Hawks are in the Western Conference semi-finals, the NHL season is winding down, and I don’t feel like watching hockey.

That last one is really weird, even to me. Part of my ennui is because the Winter Hawks are playing Vancouver, who are poised to win the WHL, and are widely expected to steam roller the Portland (even though Portland managed a very surprising 1-0 shutout in game one). Part of it is because the Winter Hawks have been so damned inconsistent this season, and I seem to end up at the games where they are playing undisciplined, losing hockey.

Don’t worry. I’ll get fired up once the NHL playoffs get rolling.

Oh, and I guess I’m supposed to “tag” six others now. Sorry, I don’t know anybody else who blogs.

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