Why I live in Oregon

by Steve, March 26th, 2006

photosSince becoming a dad, I haven’t spent nearly enough time appreciating the glory of nature around Portland. The kids, suddenly, are old enough to actually want to go out and hike. When did this happen? Now they can’t get enough.

Oneanta Gorge

So last weekend, the whole wacky family packed it up and headed up to the Columbia Gorge and saw some waterfalls and did some nice little kid friendly hikes. It’s a truly spectacular place, with giant waterfalls, monolithic rock outcroppings, and the immensity of the Columbia River. (Click on thumbnails for larger views.)

Yesterday, with Wacky Mommy and Wacky Girl away for the weekend, I asked my little guy what he wanted to do. “Go to the Gorge,” was his matter-of-fact answer. He didn’t even think about it.

Larch Mountain

We started the day yesterday at Larch Mount in the snow high above the Columbia on the Oregon side 38 miles east of Portland.

Upper Wahkeena Falls

Then we went down to where the snow melt cascades over Wahkeena Falls to the Columbia below,

Rocks between Wahkeena and Multnomah Falls

and hiked a bit on the trail between Wahkeena and Multnomah falls.

Oneanta Gorge

Today, we started with a picnic at Ainsworth State Park, then a rocky hike nearly to the log jam at Oneonta Gorge.

Horsetail Falls

We wrapped up the day with a quick stop at Horsetail Falls. Nearly 4 y.o. Mini Me had a blast!

Horsetail Falls

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  1. Comment from Heather C:

    Wow! Nice pictures! Sounds like you and Wacky Boy had a blast. It’s sad how you almost need to be a tourist to see all the cool things we have around here. The last time I went to Multonomah falls, I had out-of-town relatives visiting and my youngest was 2. He’s eleven now! I’d say we’re due. :)