Los Lobos groovin on the grass

by Steve, August 12th, 2012

Los Lobos!
Los Lobos closed their high energy free concert with an encore mashup of La Bamba/Good Lovin.
Rainbow crowd
A great crowd turned out on a beautiful summer evening.
Date nite
Nancy’s favoritist band ever! As a non-rock fan, I give them huge respect for being a great, straight-up hardworking rock band but so much more.

As a Latin music fan I was happy to hear some Spanish songs. Only two cumbia numbers all night (but the yuppies in the mosh pit “don’t know how to cumbia” remarked the Chicanos behind us).

Also, I never knew what deadheads these guys are. “Are there any hippies here?” they asked by way of introducing the Grateful Dead’s West LA Fadeaway (75% of the yuppies raised their hands). Then Cesar Rosas riffed on the opening bars of Truckin’ while musing, “How come nobody does Truckin? It’s such a great song.” David Hidalgo said “There’s no such thing as a bad Grateful Dead song!”

Great show and great logistics by the best park and rec district I’ve ever known (well, South Suburban may be better, since they’ve got four sheets of ice).

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