Child rapist Neil Goldschmidt and what would have been (convicted felon, registered predatory sex offender)

by Steve, January 30th, 2012

If justice had been served in the case of Neil Goldschmidt’s serial rape, he would now be in prison, or, if he’d already served his time, he would be a registered sex offender.

If, as he said, he started raping his victim when she was 15, he would have been convicted of one or more counts of third degree rape, a class C felony.

If, as she said (may she rest in peace), he started raping her when she was 13, he would have been convicted of one or more counts of second degree rape, a class B felony.

Second degree rape is an Oregon Measure 11 crime; each count carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 6 years and 3 months.

In either case (second or third degree), Goldschmidt would have been branded a convicted felon and compelled to register as a sex offender after serving his time, likely as a predatory sex offender. As such, he would be prohibited from schools, parks, day care centers, skate parks, or other places minors congregate.

So, Krista Swan, you may have your feelings hurt by getting called out on this, but think of it this way: if justice had been served, would you be as giddy to have run into a registered predatory sex offender at the West Caf, and would your friend April Severson be honored to be on his top five list? Would you write about it and post it under “Family” on your mom blog? What if it had been Jerry Sandusky instead of Neil Goldschmidt?

You ask the twitterverse “Does it mean I’ve ‘made it’ as a blogger when I start getting hateful, ‘What kind of mother are you?’ comments on the blog?”

What do you expect to hear back? “Oh, it’s okay that you venerate a child rapist. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t go after your daughter.”

I’m sorry you think we “suck” for pointing out how disgusting it is to pay homage to this sick bastard. Maybe you should consider how much it “sucked” for Goldschmidt’s victim, knowing that if she went public, she’d be pilloried by people who still worship Goldschmidt, who still think he’s “the man.”

The fact is, Neil Goldschmidt didn’t just repeatedly rape a teenager. He destroyed a human life. Was that life worth nothing in the end?

From within the hermetic little world of Portland’s elites, it must create a great deal of cognitive dissonance to hear Goldschmidt called what he is: a child rapist, a destroyer of human life. After all, so many people in this little berg owe their careers, wealth and status to the patronage machine he created.

As his victim said, “Neil Goldschmidt is God.”

But from outside that incestuous world, to normal parents fiercely protecting their children above all else, he’s sick and dangerous. He needs to be separated from the herd, not revered, not allowed to re-emerge as a public figure whose opinion is to be valued.

The “conspiracy of indifference,” as Fred Leonhardt called it, must finally be exposed and destroyed.

So here’s what you do, if you’re at a restaurant and a known child rapist (say, Neil Goldschmidt) walks in: Inform your server that you are not comfortable dining in his presence. If they seat him anyway, get your food packed to go, get up, and walk out.

Update 2/6/2012: Krista has, to her credit, removed the offensive post about Goldschmidt.

Update 2/9/2012: Evidently, the post was only removed by accident. Or maybe Krista wants to stand up to the Internet Meanies. In any case, it’s back. Some people have no shame.

2 Responses to “Child rapist Neil Goldschmidt and what would have been (convicted felon, registered predatory sex offender)”

  1. Comment from Nancy:

    “It is beyond understanding that Mike McQueary, who witnessed with his own eyes the anal rape of a 10-year-old by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, thought the matter was closed when he told his superiors (and, he now says, campus police) about it, and that head coach Joe Paterno — the sainted JoePa — took virtually no action, and life just went on for years while more kids were abused. What is this, the Catholic Church? Or maybe it isn’t beyond understanding. Maybe most people would do their best to rationalize evil behavior, to pass the buck and forget about it, if making a stink about it would harm their career. History isn’t too encouraging on that score.” — Katha Pollitt, The Nation, 12/5/2011

  2. Comment from Steve:

    The Sandusky parallel is strong. Even stronger (and more local and immediate) is Matt Hennesee, a once rising star in the Oregon political firmament, whose trajectory was altered when his serial child rape came to light in 2005. But that hasn’t stopped him from serving as pastor at a local church. And it hasn’t stopped Oregon’s civic leaders from cozying up to him. Like PPS superintendent Carole Smith, Mayor Sam Adams and former Metro president David Bragdon and Attorney General Jon Kroger.