I like a manager with a smart mouf

by Steve, June 5th, 2008

They say hockey guys talk dirty. Huh. Listen to Seattle Mariners’ manager John McLaren cuss up a blue streak.

On the hockey front, Congrats to Detroit, even though I was bound by blood to root for the Pens. I wore my Pens’ hat throughout the series, but that wasn’t good enough. The best team won, and it was a great series.

Pittsburgh is going to be a force to be reckoned with, and will have the cup in the next few years, just you wait.

3 Responses to “I like a manager with a smart mouf”

  1. Comment from Terry:

    I’ve been a Mariners fan for a few years now, and it’s way past time to let John McClaren go. Aside from the swearing, he talks in nothing but cliches.

    The real culprit for the Mariners’ slide to the worst team in baseball, though, probably isn’t McClaren. It’s Bill Bavasi, the GM. None of his trades have worked out despite the ridiculously high contracts he’s lavished on them. Bavasi has to go. Sooner rather than later.

  2. Comment from Steve:

    I think it’s a rule that all sports figures have to talk in cliches.

    I always cringe when they interview hockey players during games.

    Interviewer: “The other team seems really good at taking away time and space.”

    Player: “Yeah, we’ve just got to play our game, and get pucks to the net.”

  3. Comment from McAngryPants:

    what are there? 81 games in the regular season? pfft! not like they’re even real athletes. If they were better they’d be playing hockey or football.