I’m Takin’ Back this Blog!

by Steve, January 31st, 2008

My first-born child, one half of the reason I’m so insanely ferocious about advocating for our schools, frequently gives me grief because I never write about hockey or war on this blog. “You should rename your blog,” she tells me, and also “Why don’t you ever write about hockey anymore?”

You see, I didn’t start this blog to write about school politics. I started it as a personal blog almost two years ago, and I actually wrote about hockey and war. Then, a year ago, I dipped my toes into PPS equity issues, and it has gradually taken over my blog.

Let me just say this: I would prefer to not have to worry about this shit. Seriously, I’d like it very much if things were like they were back in Iowa City where I grew up, and every neighborhood school was pretty much just like every other neighborhood school, and they all had art, music and P.E.

But, sadly, we do have to worry about this shit in Portland. So in order for me to take back this blog for things that I actually find interesting — hockey, music, macroeconomics, the price of tea in China — I’ve launched a new Web site for PPS equity issues. To satisfy my eight-year-old’s obsession with things matching up, I decided to call it PPS Equity. It’s got a blog, but that’s not all. The most exciting thing to me is a community discussion forum. With a simple registration, anybody can immediately participate and start new discussions in any of a number of forums.

Down the road, I’m going to set up a PPS data dump, in order to streamline access to PPS enrollment and demographic information.

Now is a good time for this. My friends at the Neighborhood Schools Alliance have been hammering the district on equity issues for years, and now, with the Carole Smith administration, we seem to be getting traction. Which only means we’ve got to keep up the pressure.

Check it out. Explore a little, register for the forum, start a new topic in your school cluster’s section. I think you’ll agree PPS Equity is a better vehicle than More Hockey Less War for the cause. Thanks everybody for your support over the last year, and let’s keep the nickel rolling in a bigger, better venue!

11 Responses to “I’m Takin’ Back this Blog!”

  1. Comment from Zarwen:

    Gee, Steve, I had no idea you were a midwestern boy. How the hell did you end up here?

  2. Comment from Steve:

    In the fall of 1989, I piled into a 1963 Chevy Stepvan with my band mates and hit the Oregon trail.

    It’s been a long strange trip, let me tell you.

  3. Comment from Zarwen:

    So, your van broke down and you still don’t have the money to get it fixed?

  4. Comment from Steve:

    Well, er, it’s not that simple.

  5. Comment from Zarwen:

    So, who was the boxing promoter from Schenectady? I’ll have you know that is MY home town!

  6. Comment from Steve:

    Did you know I used to write fiction before I started writing political junk?

  7. Comment from Wacky Mommy:


  8. Comment from Zarwen:

    Only before? What about during and after??

  9. Comment from The Magnificent Toni:

    hehe. steve, do you remember this post? Ok, so now that we have gotten to know each other on a much more personal level, you find me a saturday or sunday, and let me know if you’d like to go out and hang with the wife.
    and i’ll be happy to take you up on the offer to babysit. eh?

    “And babysitters? Ha ha ha. Teenagers nowadays, they’re all, “I don’t have any money for Starbucks, an iPod Nano, beer,” yet they are unwilling to babysit, mow lawns, walk dogs, pluck chickens, whatever I require them to do, for real, cash money. A pox on you, teenagers. I need you to work for me so I don’t have to.”

    I might be student rep (conflict of interest???? i’d hate for people to think you influence my thoughts..lol) but I need money too. I’m still a student. Prom is still rapidly approaching. Lol.

  10. Comment from Steve:

    Toni, you’re funny. That was Wacky Mommy’s post, not mine, but we’ll definitely take you up on it!

  11. Comment from Wacky Mommy:

    Dammit, I didn’t know any actual teens read this blog. (Over here eating my words.)