They’re Watching Me

by Steve, November 8th, 2007

I’m a bit wonky about numbers… some of you might know this about me. So I have a couple different ways of tracking visitor stats for this blog. One of them is AWStats, which analyzes my Apache logs and gives me nice reports. The other is Site Meter, which uses an image and some JavaScript embedded on each page of the site. I like Site Meter because it gives me an instant look at who’s on my site at any given time, and organizes data by visit, which is cool. Today I just happened to take a look, and lo and behold, I got four visits from my friends at Portland Public Schools, all within about 45 minutes. Glad you guys are reading!k12-1.jpg

5 Responses to “They’re Watching Me”

  1. Comment from BWR:

    don’t worry, it’s probably just office staff. No one important really seems to care about the your opinions (which, by the way, it seems the majority of readers and commenters share the same opinions).

  2. Comment from megs:

    uh oh…if they are watching you, then they are watching me, too..ooooopppps.

  3. Comment from Steve:

    Yep, just office staff, teachers, custodians, school board members, lunch ladies, administrators…

    Don’t worry, megs, I’m watching them watching you watching me.

  4. Comment from Anne:

    “Nobody important”….obviously BWR has never had to work a day without the office staff, custodians, boiler operators, trash collectors, mothers, day care staff, etc. who RUN this world for the bosses.

  5. Comment from Elizabeth:

    Um…one also from Washington government and much more ominous, the feds. Hmm. Maybe time to blog that you were just, ahem, *joking* about all that communist rhetoric?