More Hockey, Less School!

by Steve, October 5th, 2007

That’s the word from Jeff over at, a new Portland hockey blog. I told him, yeah, I’m sick of this shit, too. And nothing cleanses the political palette like a good hard skate or a night of hockey.

We’ve got junior action this weekend in Portland, with the Canadian Major Junior Portland Winter Hawks taking on the Everett Silver Tips Saturday night at the Memorial Coliseum, and the USA Hockey Tier III Junior A River City Jaguars hosting Tri-City at Valley Ice Arena in Beaverton. The Jags have a rematch with Tri-City on Sunday.

If you’re looking for some intense entertainment this weekend, you might want to check out some of what the Portland hockey scene has to offer. Jaguars tickets are $7, general admission. Valley Ice Arena is old school, with the hard wooden benches and disgusting restrooms, but it’s a more casual viewing experience. They’ve even got a mascot this year, and my five-year-old had fun at the season opener a couple weeks back.

Winter Hawks tickets start at $10 for the cheap seats, and go up to $21 for the best (kids’ tix are $5-$14, I think). That’s a bargain to see some of the best junior hockey players in the world.

Go Hawks! Go Jags!

2 Responses to “More Hockey, Less School!”

  1. Comment from jefcanuk:

    Hey! I’m famous! School politics are all well and good, and Steve has some of the best analysis around, but NHL opening day was on Wednesday and, so, more important things should prevail! Go Canucks!

  2. Comment from Teka:

    Holy cow! A Portland school/hockey blog? You’re going on my blogroll!

    (I’m a Beavertonian Unitarian female stuck in Central PA for grad school…. my mother is a teacher at Aloha High…..)