Paul Gaustad in the Tribune

by Steve, July 27th, 2007

We interrupt my latest public schools rant to bring you some hockey news. Portland’s print media are generally ambivalent at best about hockey in the Rose City, despite the game’s storied history here and the fact that we have an elite Canadian Junior team that plays at least 36 games a year here.

Over the last year, the Tribune has been laudable in bucking the anti-hockey trend most notable over at Thee O. Today, they publish a great piece on Beaverton boy and Buffalo Sabres center Paul Gaustad, who trains at my local rink. With all the Joey Harrington hoopla, it’s nice for a character guy like Gaustad to get a little ink.

One Response to “Paul Gaustad in the Tribune”

  1. Comment from Kate:

    Oooooh. Goose trains at your rink? If you ever see him around, with you give him a chaste little smooch from me? I love him so.