Hockey? Oh Yeah, That!

by Steve, July 11th, 2007

My beer league team skated to a 6-2 defeat in the semi-final round of the playoffs last night, ending our “spring” season. I’m nursing nothing worse than a bruised arm from a nasty cross check in the first period. The season had to be extended by a week, because of some rescheduled games due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts—like Easter and an annual figure skating event.

The league is run by the rink (not my usual rink), and while the facility is real nice, modern and clean, I don’t care for their attitude, not to mention their scheduling ineptitude. I shan’t return.

So my 7-week off season has begun. See you in September, hockey fans!

One Response to “Hockey? Oh Yeah, That!”

  1. Comment from Alex Charns:

    The Eno River Rats were 0 – 8 this summer until I put a small no Bush (red circle around a W and a red slash through it) insignia on the lower back of my white hockey helmet. We won that game.

    My teammates complained (jokingly) that the No W meant no wins so they prevailed upon me to remove the symbol.
    I covered it up and we continued to win.

    This goes to prove that in hockey, as in life, no Bush (and removing no Bush) can lead to victory.

    Peace through Hockey!