Power Glitch

by Steve, June 9th, 2007

We were without power in my part of North Portland, and it turns out Web servers don’t work without electricity. And it turns out that when you run your own servers, you’re vulnerable to things like power outages (I don’t have UPS, not that that would have helped for the three-hour outage). The good news is that everything seems to have come back up. And that’s a wonder, because right after the power went out, there were two massive surges that blew a few light bulbs in our house and fried a couple GFCI outlets. I mean fried hard. Thanks for your patience, and hopefully that’ll be the last glitch for a while.

Edited 6/10/07: One more little power outage today, as I powered down to replace the GFCI outlets. I also took the opportunity to move the Web server out of our bedroom, which I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Dang, it’s got a noisy fan! Hopefully that’s it for moving things for a while. Blog on.