Thirteen Great Things About North Portland

by Steve, April 19th, 2007

You may have noticed that I’ve gotten really bad about writing these lists. For a while, it was a good impetus to write every week, but lately I’ve been pretty uninspired. Also, I don’t exactly fit in with the “TT” crowd, and I’m not good about visiting everybody’s blog to leave comments. Most of my online reading is political, and my writing tends that way, too. That’s a whole different ball of wax than most of the TTs, which tend toward the personal. Plus, I haven’t even been able to come up with thirteen things the last couple of times. Lame!

But since I’ve written some pretty snarky things about North Portland and Portland Public Schools lately, I thought I owed one to North Portland. Here goes. (Let’s see if I get to thirteen on this one.)

1. Great transportation. We’re two blocks from light rail transit, just a bit more to I-5. We can be downtown in 10 minutes by freeway or 15 minutes by train.

2. Hockey. The home of the Winter Hawks is in North Portland, just four light rail stops away.

3. Real neighborhoods. The streets are laid out in a grid. There are sidewalks. Parks. Nice old houses. Tree-lined streets.

4. Great views from the bluff.

5. More and more, nice urban amenities like bakeries, restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

6. Socio-economic diversity.

7. My choice of churches on Sunday.

8. The Peninsula Park sunken rose garden.

9. The Peninsula Park Community Center and pool.

10. The Portland Ship Yard on the site of the old Swan Island airport. This is viewable from the bluff, especially from University of Portland. It’s pretty cool to see the big ships in dry dock, and the old, gigantic tankers in fresh water storage before they’re sailed or towed to Asia to be scrapped.

11. My lovely wife.

12. My beautiful children.

13. My happy home.

Edited Friday, 4/20/2007: I can’t believe I forgot the St. Johns Bridge.

3 Responses to “Thirteen Great Things About North Portland”

  1. Comment from Robin:

    That’s a great look at your hometown. Thanks for sharing it. We’re in an urban area too, it’s great to have so much within walking distance.

    My TT was 13 anti-war songs, seen through the filter of Israeli Memorial Day.

    And after posting a description of this very somber holiday followed by 13 songs that call out for peace, without any mention whatsoever of any particular conflict, someone actually told me they “disagree strongly” with me! Umm, what? You LIKE to see young men blown apart to prove a point? Huh? Sigh…

  2. Comment from Matt:

    You’ve re-inspired me to finally get to Portland.

    My sister and her husband lived there for 2 or 3 years and I never made it up there. She and I were supposed to run the Portland marathon this October, but even that’s a no-go now (no $). Sorry about that pointless glimpse into my exceedingly boring life. When I actually am able to visit, I’ll try to remember to make it to North Portland and experience the first 10 of your TT. Have great day.

  3. Comment from MamaToo:

    good list – favorites, of course (I’m sappy) are 10-13). But the whole list paints a good picture of why PDX can be a quality place to live.