Thirteen Ways my Life is Like Slap Shot

by Steve, April 11th, 2007

It’s playoff time, and it’s wall-to-wall hockey. Our local cable affiliate is carrying some of Shaw Cable’s coverage of the WHL playoffs. Vancouver just beat Seattle in game four, taking their series to 3-1 Vancouver. Now I’m watching the NHL Vancouver, tied with Dallas in the third 4-4. Damn, those NHL guys can skate.

Playoff hockey… is there anything better?

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. No, it’s Thursday eve, and I’m supposed to crank out another Thursday Thirteen (turns out some of you expect these of me). So here are Thirteen Ways my Life is Like Slap Shot (the movie):

  1. “She’s not happy….” (Wacky Mommy that is.)
  2. She sits in the stands while I play my old farts beer league games and chats with the other hockey wives. “He doesn’t care for the fighting,” she tells them, “he told me.” And “He always says you can just screw so much and drink so much.”
  3. She told me the other day “If we got divorced, I wouldn’t have to watch so much hockey.” Did I mention, I never asked her to come see me play. Seriously, watching beer league hockey is like watching paint dry. She told me. And we haven’t been to a WHL game since February, I think. And she’ll never watch hockey on TV, unless it’s game seven of the Stanley Cup Final and I beg.
  4. Yesterday at the rink, there was a guy who shows up occasionally. He’s kind of slow, and yesterday he was being especially goofy, celebrating goals and shit (we generally don’t make a big deal of goals at stick time). One of the regulars said he always shows up drunk. I went up against him and hoo boy! did he reek of alcohol. So I’m thinking, if I board him, will he pee himself? Total Nick Brophy moment.
  5. If the mill closes (i.e. my software factory)… Fucking Chrysler plant here I come.

Ah, crap, that’s all I’ve got. I’m really getting lousy at this Thursday Thirteen thing. But five’s better ‘n none, eh?

Have a great week, and maybe I’ll post again before next Thursday.

5 Responses to “Thirteen Ways my Life is Like Slap Shot”

  1. Comment from Robin:

    I definitely have to track down a copy of that movie, it’s been years…

  2. Comment from Christine (chicken-scratch):

    My husband is STILL watching the hockey game – he’s out a bar with friends. It’s a week night – close to midnight. I’m not happy either!

  3. Comment from Himself:

    Christine… third overtime just ended, now going into fourth. Holy cow. I’m tired just watching.

  4. Comment from Alex Charns:

    The thing I hate is when the drunk guy plays better hockey than I do when I’m sober . . .

    Che shoots! Che scores! I bet he had a wicked wrist shot.

  5. Comment from Himself:

    Alex, long time no hear from… Hope you are well, and yes, the drunken SOB was playing better than me. Grrr….