Stanley Cup ’06 sighting

by Steve, September 28th, 2006

hockeyLast spring I wrote about Alex Charns and his seminal role in the hockey protest movement. At that time, Alex mentioned a joining-up of Canes and Oilers fans outside the RBC Center during the Stanley Cup Final, and now I’ve got the proof:

Canes and Oilers fans

It’s heartening to see rival hockey fans from two different countries coming together with a message of peace.

I told Alex I have to root for the Sabres against the Canes in their season opener next Wednesday, since Portland hero Paul Gaustad is playing for Buffalo. He understands.

Alex wrote a great book about picking up recreational hockey during the NHL lockout, and his belief that a magic puck would save us all from the wrath of Dubya. It’s a great read. I keep meaning to review it here, and maybe I will someday. Or maybe I just did. Here: Buy this book!

2 Responses to “Stanley Cup ’06 sighting”

  1. Comment from Alex Charns:

    Congrats to the Sabres and their fans. That was a fun game last night in Raleigh, well, until the shoot-out . . .

    If North Carolina can support an NHL team and that team can win the Stanley Cup, is there any reason we can’t have peace in this world?

    The 2006-2007 “More Hockey Less War” campaign began last night with your bumper sticker in the RBC parking lot.

  2. Comment from Himself:

    Yeah, some game, eh? Hard fought until the end. Too bad our boy Paul Gaustad didn’t put any in the net, but he had some pretty nice defensive plays (the boarding call notwithstanding).

    In discussions recently with “Wacky Mommy”: about the sad state of public education and asthma aggravaters in Oregon and other places a high tech nerd like Himself might find employ, North Carolina came up. “I hear it’s real nice,” said Herself. “They’ve got hockey!” said Himself.