Birds of a Feather

by Steve, September 25th, 2006

hockey politics
It can be a lonely feeling being a lefty hockey fan in the US. It’s lonely enough being a hockey fan south of the 49th parallel. But add a dose of socialism to the mix, and people just think you’re a freak of nature. (Witness the common response to my “More Hockey Less War” bumper sticker: “Aren’t they the same thing? Ha ha ha.” Why no, I feel obligated to point out, civillians aren’t typically killed, impoverished and driven from their homes by hockey games. But I digress.)

Of course, our neighbors to the north don’t find it ironic to be hockey fans and progressive-minded. And I skate with some pretty leftish guys, many of whom are from the Northeastern US and Canada. So maybe it’s just that people on US left coast just don’t get it.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find another lefty blog out there written by a guy with legit hockey cred. Michael Brub is a leftist right winger, whose off-ice life involves some kind of hoity-toity academic nonsense. No, seriously, he teaches lit and cultural studies at Penn State, and has a great sense of humor in his blog.

Today’s entry, “Who’s out to get you?” is about Bill O’Reilly’s new enemies list, er, I mean “book”. Michael saves us the pain of reading O’Reilly’s pap by publishing the full enemies list, which, I was pleased to discover, contained not only the Hanson brothers, but also Sideshow Bob and Julie Andrews. I went ahead and added a few of my own (I can’t believe he left of Reggie Dunlop and Joe McGrath).

Anyway, see, I’m not crazy.

By the way, I finally got to see “Les Chiefs”. What a trip. I’ll try to write a review of it this week.

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