The new blog

by Steve, February 2nd, 2006

So yesterday Wacky Mommy (my lovely wife) prompted me to “blog” on my old “blog”,, which I did.

Then, she sends me email (by clicking on my “Comments welcome” link) and complains that she can’t directly comment on my blog.

So I think to myself, “hell, I set up a real blog for her, I can set one up for me, too.” So here ya go, honey, my real blog on which you are welcome to comment.

As are you, dear lurking reader. It’s wide open, no registration necessary. Drop me a line about what’s on your mind.

My mind is frequently pre-occupied with politics, economics and (yes) hockey. I also have a history in music, theatre and writing.

In case you don’t know me, I’m a socialist (in the European social-democrat mold). I’ve got a particular beef with libertarians. I played bass in a rock band as a young adult. I don’t like rock music anymore. I played some classical and latin gigs on clarinet and sax after that, but now I mostly just play hockey. I like hockey. If you want to understand my psyche from the first half of my life, watch “This is Spinal Tap.” If you want to understand my psyche as I enter the middle of life, watch “Slap Shot.” ‘Nuff said.

I don’t expect to be updating much anymore, but I’ll leave it where it is. This blog will be more personal and local. I’ll do less regurgitating of national political news and let you find that stuff yourself (there are some good links under “Quick Hits” on the left-hand side of the page).

Okay, Wacky Mommy, comment away. Let’s see if I made any major blunders setting this pup up.