Bach Musette for clarinet quartet

by Steve, March 13th, 2011

E on 1st and 3rd, me on 2nd and 4th. This is our “rough take” baseline so we can see how we progress after some rehearsal. (E just started playing clarinet in September.) Please support music education for all students, taught by certified teachers as an academic subject, for credit.

[audio:Bach Musette.mp3]

An appreciation of strong women

by Steve, March 4th, 2011
You lookin' at me?

It was just about 14 years ago that I got up the courage to ask out my future wife. When I went to pick her up for our first date, LuLu came to meet me at the door. I like cats, so I got down on the floor with her (despite dire warnings about her supposedly mean temperament).

By the time Nancy was ready, LuLu was rolling around on her back, letting me pet her tummy (to much amazement). Fourteen years later, both Nancy and LuLu still seem to like me, and I love both of them more than ever.

What can I say; I’m attracted strong females!

My dad could beat up your dad

by Steve, March 3rd, 2011

Junior is playing floor hockey in gym. He asked me, is it okay to use your feet? I said, well, in ice hockey it’s okay, but I’m not sure about floor hockey. He said One of the kids on my team said it’s not allowed. I said, What’s the teacher say? He said, I don’t know, but I’m going to tell that kid my dad plays hockey almost every day, and he said you can use your feet.

Also, in the spirit of the classic Slap Shot line “You take that sentence back,” the new laugh line at our house is “Shut up or I’ll knock the rest of your teeth out” (courtesy one of my beer league team mates).