Reinventing the blog

by Steve, December 21st, 2009

I started this blog nearly four years ago at the urging of my lovely wife.

I’ve never been a consistent blogger. At first, I obsessed on national and international politics, then took a local turn with Portland school politics. That blew up, so I put it on its own blog, which has since taken on a life of its own. I can’t even keep up with it myself some weeks.

Now, I hardly blog here at all. I’ve considered just mothballing it for a while, but Wacky Mommy says I must continue. Maybe a domestic blog? I’ve got mad vegetarian kitchen skillz, and I’m an organic gardener from before anybody had heard of such things. (Yawn. No so into that angle.)

She also said I should do a dad blog, but again, yawn. It’s so done. I’m a nerd by day, but tech blogs seriously bore the shit out of me. I like taking photos, but I’m no pro… I follow local politics, but I’m about ready to move the hell out to the country and paint my mailbox blue.

I like hockey, but I don’t actually follow hockey, so I’m a terrible sports blogger. I’ve got some new media ideas I’m pursuing, but I can’t talk about that just yet.

So… It will continue to be quiet around here for a while. Here’s to a happy solstice, a merry christmas, and a happy new year.