Here ya go, Wacky Mommy

by Steve, February 1st, 2006

WackyMommy asks if I enjoy her blog (I do) and said she wished I had an online diary for her to read.

So here’s what’s on my mind today.

Dip-stick Geo. W. Bush. David Corn has a good dissection of the SOTU address.

Water. Water. Everywhere. In the back of the “swamp mobile” due to a leaky tailgate seal (this was our ’97 Saturn wagon we just ditched).

In the walls and across the subfloor under our shower, thanks to a faulty plumbing job by a previous owner of our home. Insurance adjuster comes out Friday to tell us whether we’re covered. Long story short: if it’s from “gradual seepage” we’re fucked. Gradual seepage is betrayed by wet rot.

Nothing like living in western Oregon during one of the wettest winters on record. Hey, wait! The sun’s shining out there. Oops, now it’s gone.

To keep my mind off of Bush and water, let’s talk hockey. The Portland Winter Hawks (our local franchise of the Tier I Major Junior Western Hockey League) lost all 6 games on their longest road trip of the year. They have slipped to third place in the U.S. division of the Western conference. Shit, that’s depressing, too.

On a bright note, we’ve got tickets for their return to home ice this Saturday.

I took a slap shot to the knee during a pick-up game today. That kind of hurts.

So there you go. My new blog theme: More Hockey – Less War. Take that ya evil capitalist pigs! La de da de da isn’t blogging lots of fun.