Best Christmas letter evah

by Steve, December 14th, 2010

From a family member who shall remain nameless (unless he wants credit, which I would gladly give):

Ah Christmas,

A time to wander blindly into the house of an angry, vengeful god who will fill us with the spirit of righteousness and vengeance for any whose doctrines contradict our own. The best part is never being wrong and treating others as inferior. What could be wrong with an institution that has roots nourished in the blood of heathens, infidels and homos?

As we consume the wealth taken from the less deserving and delivered rightly to our tables, let us not forget to cast severe judgement on any who disagree.

Let us not forget the lost art of smiting and in this time of giving, delivering the wrath so badly needed today.

Truly it is a magical time.

Merry Christmas

and a very

Happy New Year

What he said.