I’m a right winger

by Steve, October 12th, 2010

My new beer league team put me on forward… on right wing to be precise.

So far it’s working out pretty good. I’ve got two goals in two games, which is 25% of all the goals we’ve scored. We lost both games, but I think I can get used to playing up front. (Playing defense, I got zero goals in about 25 games.)

Don’t worry, though, I still shoot left.

3 Responses to “I’m a right winger”

  1. Comment from kevin from Hartford, CT:

    hey, just stumbled upon your site and it rules! you are not alone – there are other hockey players/fans who share your desire to end war and seek social justice! i play in Hartford, CT (formerly the insurance capital of the world and formerly home to the beloved and much maligned Hartford Whalers).

    I appropriately play left wing most often, but have been relegated to defense in a pinch of late. Any advice?

    keep up the great blog! love the header graphic by the way!


  2. Comment from Steve:

    Heya Kevin… my only advice for playing d is to make sure your wings know to cover the point if you jump up into the play! Last season I was paired up with a guy who jumped up a lot (best skater on the team, so why not) but the wingers rarely covered for him, so me, being the stay at home guy, faced a lot of odd-man rushes going the other way. By the end of the season, I’d harped on the wings enough that they started helping out on the blue line when my partner jumped up. (One of the guys quipped, we’d do a lot better if Steve could figure out how to handle the 4-on-1 breakaways.)

  3. Comment from kevin from Hartford, CT:

    Thanks for the advice. As a winger, I’m about the only one on my team who consistently covers the point on the D-man rush, so when I play D, I have experienced the same thing as you.

    Go Whale!