Mystery bug

by Steve, September 1st, 2008

Big bug - topAfter a delightful trip exploring the amphibious and bug life in Iowa, from the Devonian to the present, we came home to discover a big bug in our own back yard.

And I was just saying we don’t have nearly the richness of bug life in Oregon.

Pretty, pretty big. Beetle-like wing covers, fuzzy as a tarantula, with horns and bat wings.

A bunch of its body is missing, eaten by ants?

What the?!?? ID anybody?

Big Bug bottom

Crazy big bug

5 Responses to “Mystery bug”

  1. Comment from RichW:

    Due to the wing stripes – Possibly a Colorado Potato Beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, but not certain because of the extensive damage.

    Are you growing any potatoes in your garden?

  2. Comment from Steve:

    Well, thanks, Rich, that’s the closest I’ve seen to a match, and yes, it was found a few steps from the potatoes.

    But this guy is about an inch long!

  3. Comment from Celeste:

    Hi Steve – I’m a bit of bug nerd, so I can tell you this is Ten-lined June Beetle. Probably died of natural causes, they start emerging in June and are gone by September. Agree that ants have been doing their recycling job. They are really bad fliers, and because they are so big, they can cause a real ruckus when they fling themselves at porch lights. Here’s one I had in my yard a few weeks ago:

  4. Comment from RichW:


    Thanks for the correction. Yep the size of the insect pretty much cinches it.

    I love taking field trips and classifying everthing under the sun. My focus is usually birding but I include insects, wildflowers, and tree identification. Trees and flowers are easiest because they stay still while I look through a field guide!

  5. Comment from Aggro:

    Obviously some type of coleoptera.

    And it’s not a bug, it’s an insect.