More Brilliance from the Winter Hawks Owners

by Steve, February 26th, 2008

Principal owner Jim Goldsmith has announced in the press that longtime General Manager Ken Hodge will be reassigned, and a new G.M. will be hired.

One small problem… this is news to Hodge.

The Tribune article by Jason Vondersmith also reveals that there is a dispute about payment for the purchase of the team.

Kudos to Hodge for hanging in there. With any luck, he’ll outlast these bozos, the league (or another ownership group) will take over the team, and we’ll get back to stability in Hawkey Town.

One Response to “More Brilliance from the Winter Hawks Owners”

  1. Comment from S. Hawks:

    Wow! I am utterly amazed that a WHL team could be managed so poorly and honestly, be sucking so badly. My husband and I are looking to move to Portland over the summer, and we are avid hockey fans. I hope the league does take over the team, because I have never heard of a team so ridiculous.