How it all Began

by Steve, February 10th, 2008

The campaign poster (art by Mark Peters) from my 1983 run for student school board rep. My slogan: “What is this crap?”

In a field of five candidates, I won the majority of the vote and served my senior year as the City High School student representative on the Iowa City Community School District Board of Education. Despite my “radical” message, I was very inactive on the board. As Wacky Mommy says, “I know Toni Myers. And you, my friend, are no Toni Myers.”

(No, I’m not running for school board, calm down… My cousin gave this to Wacky Mommy last summer, and she said I should post it for kicks.)

6 Responses to “How it all Began”

  1. Comment from Terry:

    Whaddaya mean you’re not running for school board? If not you, who?

  2. Comment from Samuel John Klein:

    The design is kind of inspired.

    Nice use of Souvenir, too.

  3. Comment from Steve:

    If if I were running, the election isn’t until 2011, so it’s a little early to be declaring.

    Re. design, I did it with the graphic artist from the school paper. He sketched the head shot from my junior-year school photo. I did the typography on the newslab’s AM Varityper optical typesetter (the “Souvenir” typeface is so ’80s, isn’t it?), and the borders were done with roll tape. It was pasted up with hot wax and photocopied at Kinko’s on every shade of astro brite card stock they had.

  4. Comment from The Magnificent Toni:





    good laugh.

  5. Comment from Steve:

    Are you laughing at my slogan, my helmet hair, or Wacky Mommy’s comment? (Or all of the above?)


  6. Comment from The Magnificent Toni:

    All of the above Steve. Mostly, the slogan. Second, in line The Helmet Hair (hey, at least it wasn’t a mullet). Thirdly, the fact that you aren’t ME (in all my fabulousnessesessss) :P

    I had something to say but I realized who I was and realized I couldn’t say it. So I just laughed!!!