Stepping out

by Steve, June 17th, 2012

This year’s crop of praying mantises steps out into the real world.

Gardener Bowl

by Steve, February 6th, 2012

Since we’re not fans of American football or television advertising at Chez Wacky, we spent the day eliminating lawn in our front yard.

A couple fruitful trips to Farmington Gardens, a yard and a half of dirt and mulch and about a dozen plants later, and we’ve got a good start on our front yard. The lawn has gone to mostly moss (not that I mind moss), and I don’t have any desire to restore the grass. We converted about 20 percent of the grass in the front yard to planting beds.

We’ll do more soon, including another Japanese maple.

Among the new plants: two daphne odoras, an upright fuchsia, a white cone flower, a phlox, and some others I can’t recall. In the side yard planters, under a shady pine tree, two already-fragrant sarcococca confusa and two geraniums.

It was a beautiful weekend to work outside. Sunny and mid-50s. Zone 8 rocks… plant baby pictures to come soon!