These are the creatures in my neighborhood

by Steve, December 29th, 2012

Into the sunWe tried to go to nature church on Mt. Hood yesterday, and while the weather was fine and the snow was plentiful, we saw far too many Great Apes and Domestic Canines and no wildlife at all.

gone fishin'So we went to nature church at the beaver pond today and saw, in addition to our resident Mallard flock, a beautiful lone, rainbow-colored Wood Duck and an then a Great Egret, like this one. “They look like angels when they fly,” remarked Z. They really do. Further upstream we saw what at first appeared to be an otter, but turned out to be a young nutria. We followed him upstream as he skillfully navigated rapids and debris dams.

Dream deerA little later, I ran across a hawk and spied these three Black Tail Deer in Deer Meadow. Great to see the neighbors out and about on a crisp early winter day.