Prudes v. Adams

by Steve, January 29th, 2009

Some of the prudes, Victorians and hypocrites, who, as evidenced by their statements, obviously want to turn back the clock on sexual liberty:

  • The editorial board of Just Out: “By his own admission, by committing the act of lying to the citizens of Portland, Adams has failed to show the principled character that this publication feels is a basic requirement for an elected official.”
  • Jeana Frazzini, executive director of Basic Rights Oregon, as quoted in Willamette Week: “We condemn what he did, but we support him going forward.”
  • Oregonian columnist Anna Griffin, as quoted by Byron Beck in Willamette Week: “Way to go, Sam. Way to play into the stereotype.”
  • Dan Savage in the Stranger, July 2008 (tip o’ the hat to Matt Davis): “Gay men in their 30s and 40s who will date teenage boys are almost always scum….”
  • Mark Wiener, quoted in Time: “I believe what I said was, ‘You’re a f___ing moron,'” says Wiener. “I was, and am, pissed and saddened by it.”