New PPS Chief: Jefferson’s Going to be Great

by Steve, October 1st, 2007

One Response to “New PPS Chief: Jefferson’s Going to be Great”

  1. Comment from Sheila A.:

    Jefferson will be great. People just have to act. Not talk bullshit but act. Goodness gracious! People! Jefferson students are always the criminals in the media. The recent shooting wasn’t even on the campus yet everyone is looking at the school. My son, who graduated last year (he’s still a teen to me!), always asks me, “Ma, what’s up with people talking about Jeff all the time. What about the other schools?” I just say, “Son, what about them?”

    Last time I checked, Jefferson was not the only school in NoPo and it’s damn sure not the only “under performing” school in the district. Hello people??

    And let us not even bring race into it to save us further complications.