Thirteen Garments I Once Prized

by Steve, June 20th, 2007

Taking a cue from Wacky Mommy (whom I mostly love out of her clothes), I give you thirteen garments and accessories I have loved throughout the years.

1. striped Osh Kosh overalls when I was a preschooler

2. my Chicago Black Hawks pajamas from the grade school years

3. a puka shell necklace when I was in 6th grade

4. a t-shirt that said “Brass Power” when I was in 7th grade (I played trumpet)

5. a whole string of black concert Ts, starting with Cheap Trick

6. then there was Heart,

7. AC/DC,

8. and Alice Cooper (and probably one or two I can’t remember from when I was a budding rocker in my early teens)

9. my pocket Ts, blue jeans, work boots, tool belt and safety glasses from the summer I worked in the scene shop for summer rep in college

10. my Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax t-shirt from when I was a young adult (which I still have)

11. my work boots from when I worked produce in the 90s

12. my “More Hockey Less War” shirt from the Left Coast Hockey League

13. my stripedy pajamas I stole from my wife and wear when I snuggle with my kids

7 Responses to “Thirteen Garments I Once Prized”

  1. Comment from Wacky Mommy:

    I stole those pj’s from my grandpa, I think? (They’re not foofy girl pj’s, Internet.) (Although that would be cute.)

  2. Comment from Robin:

    I love that you admitted stealing your wife’s pj’s.

    My list would have to include the old denim jacket I had in hs (complete with Led Zeppelin album cover drawing) and a bunch of Dead show tye-dyes…

  3. Comment from Dana:

    I was a little worried about the pajama thing until I got to the comments! Cute T13.

  4. Comment from josh:

    How sad to reflect on material items that give you memories.
    Why are you saving them? To remind you? Crazy, and silly…
    Do you want to wear that item 60 years later in your golden years to prove some point? Try to be sentimental, yet exude your growth by experience in your personality, rather than showing off some stamp you have had for 40 years… Society will respect you more…

  5. Comment from Himself:

    Why Josh, what a charming little shit you are! But how sad to waste time commenting on a frivolous blog entry you don’t like. How about you go pound sand instead?

    Oh wait, I get where you’re coming from…. My comment about the relationship between penis size and vehicle choice on metblogs must have hit a little too close to home for ya. Figures.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and sharing all your creative, original and well-phrased thoughts! (And if you come back, consider this your first, last and only warning: I don’t play nicely with trolls. One more stupid-ass comment from you and you’re done, ‘K?)

  6. Comment from Matt:

    You tell him!
    Don’t let Josh ruin a perfectly good-natured thirteen. What doesn’t he understand about “once prized”? The list isn’t “13 pieces of apparel I have framed in airtight display cases in the entry way of my house.”

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