Canada vs. Disney

by Steve, May 23rd, 2007

Hockey fans have probably stopped reading this blog in droves of late, as I’ve been more obsessed with gay marriage, Portland politics, classical music and economics than hockey… even during the Stanley Cup Playoffs! (Meanwhile, my blog software tells me I’ve got pending missives on Neoliberalism and Portland Public Schools, What the Bible Tells Us, and Ugly Beauty, my paean to the big ball of contradictions that is Portland.)

But I have been following the playoffs, and I (and Wacky Mommy) were sorely disappointed to see Paul Gaustad and the Buffalo Sabres eliminated by Ottawa. I’m not sure what happed to the Sabres. They were unstoppable early in the season, with four lines able to score and my favorite coach in the NHL. I guess they just peaked early. And the Senators played a great series.

Anyway, once the Sabres were out, I turned my attention to the “West”, where Detroit was giving the favored Anaheim Ducks a run for their money, with the series tied 2-2. Then the Ducks took game five in overtime. Then, last night, they eliminated the Wings 4-3 win. So we’re left with a Canadian team (that’s cool!) and a team that originated as an extension of Disneyland, named after a fictional youth team in a Disney movie. (Disney no longer owns the Ducks — née Mighty Ducks — but still….) No Canadian I’ve talked to cares much for Ottawa (“It’s too cold and too French”), but none of them are rooting against the Senators. I mean, come on… Ducks… Senators… Ducks… Senators…

All I can say is, “Go Canada!” Too bad it wasn’t the Leafs, or even the Habs or Oilers. Or Calgary. Or Vancouver. Whatever, man. I can’t bring myself to say “Go Ducks!” But seriously, folks, it should be a good series. Ottawa has been on fire, and the Ducks had a tough go against Detroit. And no matter who is playing, it’s for the Stanley Cup. Puck drops for game one on US Memorial Day, May 28, 5 p.m. Pacific time.