Bumper sticker mystery: This explains everything

by Steve, October 2nd, 2008

More Hockey Less War bumper stickerYesterday, I noticed a sudden up-tick in sales of my More Hockey Less War bumper sticker. I couldn’t figure out why this might be, and then this morning I found this great op-ed piece by fellow traveler Alex Charns in the Raleigh-Durham News Observer.

I dropped him an e-mail, and he shot back that he can’t take full credit. A segment on NPR’s Day to Day yesterday featured commentary from hockey mom Polly Ingraham that ends with her saying “I’m ordering the bumper sticker that says ‘more hockey less war.'”

Well folks, if that’s what you’re looking for, here you go!

4 Responses to “Bumper sticker mystery: This explains everything”

  1. Comment from Paul:

    Well, that’s cool. Mine is starting to get a little faded. I just might have to order a replacement, and maybe start keeping an eye out for others.

  2. Comment from McAngryPants:

    Gots mine! heck, I even scored a shirt a while back for some canuck friends. just doin’ my part for NoPo’ers.


  3. Comment from Anne:

    Sarah Palin does not have a monopoly on hockey.
    Your bumper sticker could confound people who thought they had that demographic down. Next we need “Nascar dads for Obama” and “Joe Six pack for peace”.

  4. Comment from Steve:

    Not only does she not have a monopoly on hockey, she’s probably in the minority.

    I know a few Canadians. Every one of them likes hockey. Not a single one is a Christian fundamentalist, jingoistic, abuser of governmental authority.