Scott Hamilton on Figure Skating vs. Hockey

by Steve, September 27th, 2007

“In figure skating, you’re killing yourself. In hockey, somebody else is trying to kill you.”

I watched Blades of Glory last night, and while it was mildly amusing, the funniest part of the DVD was the “20 Questions With Scott Hamilton” extra. This guy has got to be the funniest guy in skating.

2 Responses to “Scott Hamilton on Figure Skating vs. Hockey”

  1. Comment from Alex Charns:

    My wife scored a free “Blades of Glory” poster from our local indy movie rental business. We need an updated “Slapshot”.

    MH! LW! East Coast Cell


    P.S. Yes, Hockey Barbie(TM) needs an actual hockey helmet. We are looking . . .

  2. Comment from Steve:

    We’ve got the 25th anniversary edition. I gather they’ve got a 30th coming out. We’ll be getting it for sure.

    Portland hockey/Slap Shot trivia: longtime Portland Buckaroos defenseman Connie Madigan has a cameo as Ross ‘Mad Dog’ Madison.