Burrito Loco #1, RIP

by Steve, August 1st, 2007

It’s a sad, sad day for my neighborhood. The original Burrito Loco has closed. I wonder what will happen to the Cuckoo’s Nest next door….

3 Responses to “Burrito Loco #1, RIP”

  1. Comment from megs:

    Great Food! Sorry to see them go. Maybe a new spot in Kenton???????

  2. Comment from Elizabeth:

    Oh, really? I wonder every time I drive by there if they’re any good. Now I will never know.

    If you have any other suggestions for restaurants in the ‘hood, I’d like to know. I’m pretty new here and would like to be able to stay in the area to eat out.

  3. Comment from knightblade:

    Too bad about the Loco… been a favorite of mine for a long time… Also, I see you’re a fellow N. Portlander. Always nice to see another who is literate. =)

    Anyway, I finally had a chance to dig into your website. I really dig your writing and most of your points of view. Since we’re in the same neighborhood, we should meet for some non-hoppy beer and some spirited discussions of hockey and/or local politics. Great fun to be had by all. See ya on the OL board.