Walking the talk at the St. Johns Parade

by Steve, May 10th, 2008

The first installment of photos from the St. Johns parade: candidates walking their talk (or not).

Fritz Walked
Fritz walked.

Fish walked
Fish walked.

Bissonnette walked
Bissonnette walked.

Branam walked, too (sorry, no picture). But what about Chris “Streetcar” Smith, the guy who wants to cut our carbon footprint in half by replicating the Pearl district on the east side?

Chris Smith rode
Smith got a ride.

Say what?!?

Is that a Prius, Chris?

I don’t think so!

Chris Smith's ride
But it’s okay, he’s sharing the road with bikes. You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

Mayor Potter
The Mayor rode, but he hitched a ride with the convertible club. Plus, he’s a real dignitary.

Sam Adams
The Mayor-in-Waiting, rode, too. It was good to see him looking so comfortable mixing it up with the regular folk. “Hi neighbor! Hi neighbor!” he called, trying really hard to smile. Or at least not grimace.

Next installment: Clowns for Christ. I’m not kidding. What a great day for a parade!

12 Responses to “Walking the talk at the St. Johns Parade”

  1. Comment from Lelo:

    The clowns for Christ had me taking pictures like crazy. That combination? Sounds like a bad nightmare.

  2. Comment from Steve:

    I have a friend who is a bit of a colorophobe. He had to turn away when the Clowns for Christ came by. I wonder how he felt about the Clowns on Tall Bikes. I’ll have to ask.

    Only in Portland!

  3. Comment from Amanda Fritz:

    Only one of these candidates walked the route in red high-heels – a fact that may account for the somewhat strained look on my face :)

    The theme for the parade was “There’s no place like home”. A wonderful community event – kudos to the organizers and volunteers. There’s no place like St Johns, for sure.

  4. Comment from Wacky Mommy:

    I was admiring those heels, Amanda — lookin’ good! Best wishes in the election.

  5. Comment from Steve:

    Amanda, you weren’t strained, you were grooving to the music behind you. (This was right at the beginning of the route.) Still photography doesn’t do it any justice; sorry about that!

    I’m sure you were hurting by the end of the parade, though.

    The speech bubble was priceless.

  6. Comment from Pinga de Clown:

    Some of the tall bike clowns (former Alberta Street Clown House, now St Johns “Broke Bike Mounters”) were afraid of the clowns for christ. But they had a good time with the pirates and shriners… What a day!

  7. Comment from Chris Smith:

    Hey, Mini Coopers are just plain fun!

    And it WAS a ZipCar :-)

  8. Comment from Harry:

    “Only one of these candidates walked the route in red high-heels…”

    If she wins, I hope she makes better decisions in office!

  9. Comment from YourDude:

    First Fritz printing her mailing about outsourcing in Eugene, now Smith riding in a car! Yet another candidate for Position 1 exposed as a hypocrite! Guess they couldn’t get the streetcar to St. Johns fast enough.
    What’s next? Mike Fahey shopping at Wal-Mart? Charles Lewis moving to SoWa? John Branam exercising good judgment?

  10. Comment from smitty:

    OK I’ll say it. There is no way in hell Chris Smith could physically walk the entire parade route. No way.

  11. Comment from Steve:

    I’m calling foul on that, smitty. Let’s keep it above the belt.

  12. Comment from Steve:

    If she wins, I hope she makes better decisions in office!

    Folks, parades are show business, and Amanda was playing to the theme of “There’s no place like home.” Dog, red shoes, bicycle… get it? (I don’t get the zebra car, but maybe that’s just me!)