Drop… The… Puck

by Steve, August 29th, 2007

Here’s Thirteen reasons I’m glad hockey season is almost upon us.

1. Winter Hawks owners Jim Goldsmith and Jack Donovan seem to have struck a lease-to-own deal with the city and Paul Allen’s arena management company to install Goldsmith’s replay screens in the Memorial Coliseum.

After a whole lot of bluster on Goldsmith’s blog with the boss (later removed) and with an assist from play-by-play guy Andy Kemper who questioned the “moral compass” of a couple city commisioners, Hawkey Town’s new hero Randy Leonard contacted Goldsmith and worked a deal with the Hawks, Allen’s people and the city, approved today.

2. That means I will eat crow (I said I’d believe there are replay screens when I see them installed) and buy a ticket package this year

3. which means I’m going to be seeing some hockey.

4. Live.

5. Real soon now.

6. (Hopefully they’ve cleaned the stinkin’ beer lines from last season at the old Coliseum.)

7. I love the old Glass Palace.

8. And I love the smell of the ice.

9. School’s back in session next week, so us old farts can reclaim the lunch hour scrimmage at the old rink.

10. Which means I can get my tired old arse back in shape (at least somewhat!).

11. It’s been a really long and interesting off-season for the Winter Hawks, and also for me.

12. But I’m ready to get back into the game.

13. See you at the game!

8 Responses to “Drop… The… Puck”

  1. Comment from Robin:

    Still no rink within a 4 hour drive of my house (they swear it’s coming, eventually), BUT my town just opened a roller-hockey program this year and my 6.5 year old is beside himself with excitement. I’ll finally have games to go to. Sort of. Just as long as they get enough kids to start it up.

  2. Comment from Chris Snethen:



    Although I do feel for the poor bastard who had to dress as Tom-A-Hawk in front of the city council yesterday. That couldn’t have been pleasant duty. You think he did the Cotton Eye Joe when they passed the resolution?

  3. Comment from Himself:

    What do you mean “dress as Tom-A-Hawk”… that’s not a real winter hawk?

    Good God, man, children might be reading this blog!

  4. Comment from Randy Leonard:

    Actually, it was Jack Donovan that contacted me about the problems the Winter Hawks were having negotiating the replay screens deal.

    I am excited about the Winter Hawks prospects next season. I hope to see you there.

  5. Comment from Himself:

    Thanks for the clarification, Randy. I based what I wrote on your comment on Andy Kemper’s blog: “I first learned of this issue last week. As soon as it was brought to my attention, I phoned the Winterhawks owner and learned what the issues were.”

    Regardless of what happened, Hawks fans owe you a lot of gratitude for stepping in and bringing everybody to the table. I was seriously concerned that the Hawks’ ownership group was going to bluster their way into a corner, and we’d never see the replay screens installed.

    You really saved their bacon, and also worked a deal favorable to the city. Thanks for that!

  6. Comment from Randy Leonard:

    It was my pleasure. It should be a great season.

  7. Comment from MikeS29:

    Hawks have had a rough go here at the tourney in Everett, but they showed no quit today against the Giants, even though Vancouver had a mid-season lineup in place.

    Lots and lots of Hawks fans here…

  8. Comment from Himself:

    Lots and lots of Hawks fans here…

    I wish I could have made it, but Labor day weekend is a very important and busy weekend here in the Wacky household.

    I saw some youngsters at camp who might make some noise this year, and maybe serious impact next year. Will you be making it to Portland for any games? I’ll buy you a Coor’s Light at the MC if you do. (And none of that stinkin’ pinky-extended microbrew!)