Thursday Thirteen Ed. #49

by Steve, July 12th, 2006

meSo I’m still not entirely clear on this “meme” thing. It’s a blogger thing, and I’m just not all that hip. Anyway, there’s this kind of meta-blog,, that invites participants to compile lists each Thursday so that everybody can get to know each other a little better. I gather rule #1 about blogging is to make it all about “me, me, me.” Maybe that’s why it’s called a “meme.” Anyway, here is my first crack. All about me. I’m calling it Thirteen Things People Might Not Know About Me.

  1. I like hockey.
  2. I believe war is obsolete.
  3. I believe poverty is obsolete.
  4. I believe gender inequality (i.e. the oppression of women) is the number one wedge issue facing the world, transcending race, class, religion and all other things that divide us as a civilization. The phallocracy is the root of all evil. We will only achieve world peace and equitable distribution of resources if and when women take over. I mean it.
  5. I used to play alto sax in a tex-mex (cumbia, ranchera, norte�o) band.
  6. I get freaked out in crowded places, like shopping malls. I do okay at hockey games, anti-war rallies, and on stage, though.
  7. I play pretty good, tenacious defense, but I suck with the puck. Can’t get a handle on it when I need to, and I’ve got a weak, inaccurate shot. Sometimes I make good passes. But no matter what, I always get a good workout.
  8. I believe organized religion serves mainly to subjugate women, maintain imbalances in resource allocation, ensure perpetual armed conflict, and keep the masses from achieving any true sense of spirituality.
  9. I believe libertarians are looney toons, nothing more than anarcho-capitalists. I believe they are a greater threat to reasonable socio-economic policy than right-wing christo-fascists.
  10. I’ve never cheated on a lover. I’m a life-long serial monogamist.
  11. I work in a foreign-owned, US-based software factory. Call it “on-shoring”.
  12. I may have the only pro-hockey, anti-war blog in the world.
  13. My day jobs have included: seed corn detassler, lawn mower, dish washer, busboy, typesetter/pre-press, live sound/lighting technician, scene shop carpenter, waiter, produce clerk, band instrument repair technician, sheet music sales clerk, guitar teacher, produce manager and software engineer.

14 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen Ed. #49”

  1. Comment from Jen:

    Welcome to the 13! I look forward to reading more of your lists :-)

    My T13 is up!

  2. Comment from lisa:

    Hockey buffs have no chance here in Seattle. Sure we have a small team, but absolutely no one talks about it. But anyone who does like hockey in Seattle is sure to be anti-war too. Thanks for the list


  3. Comment from Red:

    Welcome to T13! So refreshing to have some guys/dudes/boys/men/males take part. And with such a cool list!

    Don’t know much about hockey (not very big here in the UK), but there’s plenty of stuff you mention that I wholeheartedly agree on. I’ll be checking more of your posts in the future.

    Happy TT!

  4. Comment from Raggedy:

    Welcome to TT. Mine is up now too

  5. Comment from carmen:

    welcome to the meme. hockey rocks! Go Caps!

  6. Comment from Lisa:

    YEY! A hockey fan! Woo Hoo! I don’t have a lot to cheer about – I’m a Washington Caps fan, after all (But isn’t Ovechkin amazing???).

    I love the theme of your blog and am definitely bookmarking it. TTs are fun. I visit a lot of sites that offer really coo outlooks on life (like yours!) and get lots of new ideas for sprucing up my own blog.

    Have a great day! My 13 is a list of jobs I am so so not qualified for!

  7. Comment from Mama Duck:


  8. Comment from Leanne:

    Thanks for joining in, it’s nice to meet you! And, congratulations, you’re a featured newbie for the next week at the Hub! :D

  9. Comment from The Shrone:

    Congrats on being one of the featured blogs of the week! I don’t agree entirely with #4. My point of contention being that shifting the power dynamic to women won’t solve the problem. What we need is a truly egalitarian society, recognizings the strengths and weaknesses of both sexes and honoring and respecting both for their unique and invaluable contributions to society, culture, religion, etc.

    Otherwise the same thing will just continue, only from a different perspective and under a different label.

    I think bringing back a feminine symbol in popular religion would help restore the imbalance. For too long the focus has been on God the Father, totally forgetting the role of Goddess the Mother.

  10. Comment from ben:

    You mention “band instrument repair technician”, but wasn’t that repair work focused specifically on “woodwind repair”? As in, “sax●flute●clarinet”? It Pings me.

  11. Comment from something blue:

    I’m for hockey and music and against war but I guess I haven’t made that terribly public on my blog. I believe that Canadians may be legally kicked out of the country if we didn’t share in the love of hockey and beer. (joking)

    I enjoyed reading your theories on religion and politics.

  12. Comment from Amy the Black:

    Amen to your organized religion comment. In fact, Amen to a lot of your comments! Welcome to Thursday 13 and don’t forget to check out other T13 entries.

  13. Comment from Himself:

    Well jiminy Christ-mass! What a swell response and honor to be a featured blog on TT! Some responses to comments:

    *lisa* I feel for you in Seattle. Portland is way smaller, and we have a much stronger hockey community. I think the “Winter Hawks”: average almost twice the attendance of the “T-Birds”: (both in the Canadian Major Junior “Western Hockey League”: ).

    *Lisa* Ovechkin rocks. Holy cow man, that kid can skate. I’m a Penguins fan (by birth), but I enjoyed watching Ovechkin way more than er, what’ his name? Oh yeah, Crosby.

    *The Shrone* Try not to take me too seriously, especially when I say “I mean it”. I mean it. But I’m with you. It’s all about balance, and the balance has shifted way too far to the masculine.

    *ben* Damn, man, you’ve got a good memory. Or do you still have one of my old business cards?

    *something blue* If you canucks kick out some hockey/beer haters, can I become a citizen? I know almost as much of your nat’l anthem as I do of my own. (In all seriousness, I took the test and scored something like 4 points higher than the threshold to immigrate to Cananda. But I’ve got to work on my puck handling skills before I make that move!)

  14. Comment from Nancy:

    Congrats on being site of the week! And, welcome to Thursday 13! I so agree with 1,2,3,4,6 and 8.

    HAve a great weekend!