Chicken-shit dems

by Steve, March 3rd, 2006

politicsI’d list the chicken shit dems in the Senate who voted to extend Bush’s Patriot Act, but the list is too long. Instead here are the few that voted against it:

Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold (of course)
Hawaii’s Daniel Akaka
New Mexico’s Jeff Bingaman
West Virginia’s Robert Byrd
Iowa’s Tom Harkin
Vermont’s Patrick Leahy
Michigan’s Carl Levin
Washington’s Patty Murray
Oregon’s Ron Wyden.

Vermont’s independent Senator Jim Jeffords voted against, too; Hawaii’s Daniel Inouye was absent. All republicans voted for reauthorization.

Nice to see Oregon’s Wyden on the list. I still think he’s a weasel. But maybe he’s a pricipled weasel after all.

Now, here’s what I can’t figure out. Why the hell are the Democrats so damned afraid to confront the President on this issue? His approval ratings are at an all-time low of 34%. Why are Democrats still mortified as being labeled “weak on terror”, even as Bush himself is showing himself willing to sell nuclear technology to a India and our port operations to Dubai?

As I wrote yesterday, the Democrats are not finding a voice of dissent. They are ceding the moment to rightist libertarians.

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